Temporary tattoos are very popular these days. They are not just a body art anymore. They are like accessories that people like to wear. For people who do not want to commit to the permanent tattoo, the temporary tattoos offer the best alternative and they can last for a week at the least.
Temporary tattoos are amazing especially if you need them for just for an event or occasion. At Bodyworks, we can create amazing and long lasting temporary tattoos using the airbrush technique.
If you are looking for temporary tattoos in Atlanta for concerts, parties. Theme wedding, Halloween or any kind of event then visit us.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos in Atlanta

Airbrush temporary tattoos are one of the best ways to create the most amazing designs. Airbrush tattoos are applied using an airbrush tool where the colors are sprayed on the skin to create the desired designs.
At Bodyworks, our artist will create the design you want using the airbrush technique. We also use contouring and other tools to create the desired effect. We can create stencils for applying the airbrush tattoos. You can choose any design you want and we create the unique stencils just for you.

Temporary Tattoos for various Occasions

Temporary tattoos are perfect for all kinds of occasions – fashion shows, corporate parties and model portfolios, or just for fun. We can create temporary tattoos in Atlanta of various sizes and styles and of any color. We can also create custom stencil for you, of a name, company logo, or name in many fonts and sizes.
When taken a very good care, these tattoos can last for several days. They are completely safe and long lasting. They will not smudge, come off or wash off in water or sweat. They are also easy to apply and do not take much time unlike the permanent tattoo.
Whether you want tattoo for advertisement purpose or party or just for fun, we can create the temporary tattoos of your choice.
Create the most amazing looking body art with us. Contact us for temporary tattoos in Atlanta.